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Established in 2016, Proformance Hawaii has serviced thousands of Hawaii's youth with basketball training through camps, weekly skills clinics and individual training.  Our qualified coaches specialize in the instruction of ball-handling, shooting and overall offensive concepts and skill development.  The participants will be motivated and encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and to make (and learn from) their mistakes in a positive environment designed to foster their development and improvement as a complete basketball player.  Our players will learn to think the game, and not just play it.


Will you be humble?

Of the 5 pillars, this is probably the most important.  People often confuse arrogance with confidence, but there is one key difference between the two...Humility.  One can have the confidence in what they do and yet remain humble about it, but once you cross over to being arrogant and prideful, humility falls out the door.  That is why having personal sober judgement, meaning not thinking of ourselves too low and not placing ourselves on a pedestal, but rather trusting in our abilities to do the talking, and not our pride.  A humble heart will take us much further in life than any sport can.

Are you going to give 110%?

One definition for passion is a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.  In order to succeed in anything in life, whether it's being in athletics, or in the classroom, it will require passion and a willingness to act in such a way as to obtain the "prize".  A former Coach from Turkey, Aziz Beker, once taught that everyone has the ability to give 100%.  Everyone plays hard.  Everyone tries.  No one goes into something to fail.  But what separates an individual from the rest of the pack is the extra 10% they have in their pocket.  While everyone out there is giving 100%, will you be the one to give just a little bit more?

Can you lose together?

The most important things in life require good teamwork.  Families, relationships and most athletic teams all require a strong sense of togetherness.  If a single member is not on the same page, it will cause dysfunction and hinder the chances of success.  But by understanding that every member on a team has a responsibility and a role that needs to be honored, and for each member to follow through with those specific responsibilities and roles, then and only then does the sky become the limit for their success.

Will you be unselfish and play for your teammates?

Great leadership can be exemplified through how we serve others.  We are not talking about being someone's personal servant or anything like that.  We are talking about how we can put the needs of others before our own in order to work towards a common goal.  With the right heart and mindset, through servanthood, we can grow closer to others, improve selfless character, as well as accomplish goals that might otherwise be more difficult achieving alone.

At the end of the day, will you be thankful for everything?

We are all guilty at one time or another of taking things for granted.  Cell phones, cars, our health, and our parents have all been common targets.  When these things are removed from our lives for whatever reason, we begin to find the gratitude for what is no longer there.  Instead of having to learn the hard way, if we can show a heart of thankfulness in both victory and defeat, we will find ourselves with a deep appreciation, no matter the circumstance.

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